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Juno Composites Ltd from our bases in the UK & Ireland have grown rapidly into a world leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced composite sheet and sandwich panel products with a strong commitment to excellence in the quality and performance of all the products we manufacture enabling our customers to reduce their CO2 footprint & achieve their light-weighting goals.
Our products can be used for all applications requiring low weight, high strength and stiffness characteristics utilising carbon fibre, aramid fibre, glass fibre and basalt fibre reinforcements. We utilise various manufacturing technologies including: liquid moulding techniques such as RTM (resin transfer moulding) and vacuum assisted RTM in addition to out-of-autoclave prepreg methods.
We develop custom composite product solutions for our customers from the product design specification stage through to prototype development, mechanical testing, analysis, production and CNC profiling.

How Our Products Can Benefit Your Business

Advanced fibre reinforced composite flat sheets & panels are of growing interest to downstream parts fabricators because of the many tailored performance advantages that can be imparted within our products offering real world benefits for your application, including: ‘lightweighting’, superior strength & stiffness, toughness, reduced cycle time, excellent environmental resistance, recyclability, integration of bio-based constituents, and storage requirements. Furthermore, our products & services enable you to tailor the optimum product solution from the beginning of your design process. With our holistic ‘Design – Create – Innovate’ approach, from initial constituent material design, analysis & material selection, to manufacturing of that material solution & at last to CNC machining your final components that can be supplied in ‘kit’ form to you – ready for final assembly.

The application of our material solutions within the aerospace, marine, automotive, niche vehicles & industrial sectors can be readily exploited by those familiar with their design and manufacturing processes in order to enhance their final product but also for those inconversant with advanced composite material design such as specialist joiners, plastic fabricators & prosthetic technicians.

We understand that when working with composite materials there is often a skills gap where we can integrate ourselves into your engineering teams allowing clients to exploit our knowledge & expertise in advanced composite material design & fabrication. Therefore, enabling you to equally can gain the significant performance advantages of advanced composites into your business.

Ultimately our products enable you realise your goals whether that is ‘Lightweighting’, increasing performance & lowering your CO2 footprint, integration of bio-based materials, corrosion resistant solutions or streamlining your manufacturing process. Whatever, your application please contact us to find how we can help your business.

Juno Composites supply a range of high quality carbon fibre sheets for customers that require high performance at affordable prices. We design, manufacture, test and stock a large range of high quality carbon fibre sheets and other carbon fibre products from our base in Ireland. We supply different types of carbon fibre sheet to suit a range of applications; from purely cosmetic uses through to high performance applications requiring high strength, stiffness & light weight. READ MORE



Product Information
The website details the specifications of all our products that can be ordered online and delivered worldwide.

Customised products
Simply contact us with your own bespoke specifications or email us you requirements.

Technical performance datasheets
Technical datasheets detailing mechanical, physical and temperature properties of all our products.

Technical Support
Our website has a variety of resources and how to guides that offer expert tips on how to use our products.

CNC Machining
Send us you drawings and we will supply you the finished part

Quality and performance guaranteed

At Juno Composites we understand that mechanical, physical and thermal property prediction is vital to the uptake of new and unfamiliar materials and manufacturing technologies into any industry. Basic requirements for all new materials are that they can be modeled and their performance predicted effectively. We can support you through stress analysis on you composite project using the latest software & techniques that are widely utilised for advanced composites in the aerospace industry. We can assist with your structural model, setting boundary conditions, load cases and applicable material allowables (strength, strain) in order to provide a robust analysis of how a particular panel might behave in service.

We have an established Quality Policy to ensure the quality & performance of our products, where many of our advanced composite sheets & panels come with a technical datasheet. Furthermore, we can support your compliance through the provision of ‘CoC’ (Certificate of Compliance) & traceability from raw constituent materials arriving into our factory, in addition to recording & storing their passage through our manufacturing process into the final product.

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