Application of FLEXIBLE Carbon Fibre Sheet

FLEXIBLE carbon fibre sheet veneers come in two thicknesses, including; 0.25mm and 0.5mm thick.

FLEXIBLE carbon fibre sheet veneers 0.25mm thick is very flexible and can only be wrapped around a surface curve in one direction and is not suitable for compound curves. Attempts to make it conform to compound curves will likely result in a tear or damage to the sheet.


If your surface has a lot of curvature and is very smooth 0.25mm is suitable. If surface is less curved and not as smooth then 0.5mm is better. Note that imperfections in your mounting surface may show through the 0.25mm carbon fibre sheet.



Both FLEXIBLE carbon fibre sheet veneer thicknesses can be cut with good scissors, a scalpel or a craft knife. If using a scalpel always use eye protection.


If you do decide to use the 3M adhesive supplied with the 0.25mm carbon fibre sheet – assess first that it is a suitable adhesive for your specific job. The 3M adhesive is an acrylic that will not have as much structural bonding performance as an epoxy or methacrylate type.


The 3M adhesive is sandwiched between two lining papers one is blank and the other side has 3M printed on it.  Some prefer to apply adhesive before cutting the profile of carbon fibre sheet where others opt to cut the carbon fibre sheet first and then apply adhesive (2nd method helps prevent contamination of the adhesive). Apply the adhesive to the carbon fibre sheet first by peeling off the paper without 3M print on it. The matt side of your carbon fibre sheet has been specially prepared to optimise the bond with adhesives although it is critical to the success of the bond that it is free from oil, dust, moisture, contaminants – (do not clean matt side with water as it will soak into it in the way the adhesive is meant to). When applying adhesive do not get wrinkles/creases or air pockets between the adhesive and carbon fibre sheet (these will show through to the top surface of 0.25mm carbon fibre sheet).  Working on a clean flat surface, apply even pressure to the Flexible carbon fibre sheet veneers and adhesive film to ensure good contact.


Once you have completed all finishing operations it is time to remove the protective film on the surface that will have acted to guard the gloss finish from scratching. Occasionally the film will leave a slight residue that can be easily removed with automotive glass polish (e.g. Autoglym Glass Polish) applied with a soft polishing cloth. IMPORTANT – the 0.25mm carbon fibre sheet has a paper/card like feel meaning that you can tear it. It is especially important to remove the protective film carefully – where it will be more difficult to tear after the sheet has been mounted securely to your surface. IMPORTANT – These sheets do not have inherent UV (sunlight) resistance, where additional coating e.g. with a polyurethane clear coat is essential.