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Juno Composites USP creates a clear return on investment for our customers applications by delivering products with superior performance and higher quality at a lower cost. Juno Composites with our proprietary manufacturing platform successfully provides our customers with tailored material solutions that enables them to achieve their goals whether that is ‘Light-weighting’, increasing performance & lowering their CO2 footprint, integration of bio-based materials, corrosion resistant solutions or streamlining their manufacturing process.


Vehicle light-weighting and structural reinforcement. Carbon fiber Rohacell Sandwich panels. Carbon fiber plate and machined carbon fibre billet for in-mould inserts.

Drones & UAVs

Chassis light-weighting with CNC machined carbon fiber sheets and sandwich panels.

Musical Instruments

String instruments require low CTE and highest aesthetic carbon fiber veneers for fretboard and body. The bridge and head assembly can utilise our carbon fiber plate.


Light-weight sandwich panels for floors, walls, doors and furniture construction, carbon fiber sail battens, aesthetic carbon fibre instrument panels and veneers for fit-out.


Light-weight and low CTE monolithic carbon fiber, and sandwich parts and in-mould inserts for satellite flocks.


Void free carbon fiber radiolucent plates, autoclave sterlisation resistant high temperature carbon fibre billets for surgical and orthopedic applications.

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