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Designing Advanced Composite Materials for UAV and Drone Airframes

In recent years, the aerospace industry has been reshaped by the emergence of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and drones. These innovative flying machines have revolutionised various sectors, from last-mile delivery to cinematography and agriculture, offering the potential for autonomous or remote-controlled flight without a human pilot on board.  Among the key contributors to their success […]

The Advantages of Carbon Fiber Plate & Billet in Modern Manufacturing

Plate and billet carbon fiber

Carbon fibre billet 145mm thick containing in excess of 230 carbon fiber layers or 45,600km if all fibers were laid end to end (Trivia: Earth’s circumference is 40,075km). In modern manufacturing, the quest for versatile and lightweight materials has led to significant innovations. Among these innovations, carbon fiber plates and billets have emerged as key […]