Sandwich Panels

Why buy Juno Composites carbon fiber composites?

Juno Composites Ltd is a world-leading manufacturer of carbon fiber composite sheet, plate and sandwich panels. We are committed to excellence in all of the services and products we offer. We adhere to ISO9001:2105 Quality Management System to manufacture high strength, high stiffness and lightweight carbon fiber composites. Our shop displays many (but not all) carbon fiber composites we offer. Our materials are tailored to optimise the performance of your product. Carbon fiber composites and the other advanced composites we design can be implemented in the construction of high-performance structures and can be easily machined, drilled and assembled. Juno Composites also offers material design consultation, material fabrication through to CNC profiling for your tailored carbon fiber parts.

We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas. However, we also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results. Please Contact us today.

Why choose an ISO9001:2015 certified company?

ISO 9001

ISO9001:2015 is a globally recognised standard for quality management. This demonstrates a strong commitment to excellence in the quality of the materials and service offered by Juno Composites Ltd. By purchasing a product or service from a company like us who is registered to the ISO9001:2015, you have important assurances that your quality expectations will be met. Juno Composites Ltd have a quality policy. Our policy aims to exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations in product, performance, and service.

Quality and performance guaranteed

Lower cost, lower quality materials are notorious within the composites sector. For some customers that are unconversant with the implications (e.g. catastrophic failure) of using poor quality materials (e.g. voids) for their projects. Unfortunately they fail to realise too late and the little money saved on material costs more in the long run.

We promise that all our advanced composite sheet, plate and sandwich panels are designed and manufactured by us in strict adherence to our quality management system. We won’t sell you materials that belong in the scrap bin. Furthermore, the materials we source from external suppliers are vetted and quality checked for conformance to specification when they arrive at our factory.

Our business model does not and will never utilise out-specification or expired; surplus prepregs, fabrics or resins. These questionable materials are available for sale at significantly reduced prices. This business model is employed by some of our competitors to save money, which is not always expressed to their customers who are often getting slightly cheaper prices but also substandard material that risks the success of their project.

You can trust Juno Composites because we have an established Quality Policy. We ensure the quality & performance of our products. Many of our advanced composite sheets & panels come with a technical datasheet. Furthermore, we can support your compliance through the provision of ‘CoC’ (Certificate of Compliance) & traceability from raw constituent materials arriving into our factory, in addition to recording & storing their passage through our manufacturing process into your final product.

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