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Plate and Billet Carbon Fiber: Exploring Juno Composites’ Advanced Material Forms

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Our carbon fiber plate and billet offer a versatile and lightweight solution for engineers and designers seeking to create both simple and complex components with precision and efficiency.

Using “plate” and particularly “billet” to describe our material form probably makes you think of a thick block of metal. Those traditional metallic product forms are available as billets/blocks, plate, and sheets that designers and engineers can convert into simple and complex components through reductive machining techniques like milling and turning.

Carbon fibre billet 145mm thick containing in excess of 230 carbon fiber layers or 45,600km if all fibers were laid end to end (Trivia: Earth’s circumference is 40,075km).

The Power of Machined Carbon Fiber

Juno Composites can provide void-free, up to 200mm (8 inches) thick, continuous carbon fiber reinforced billets that offer engineers requiring complex geometric parts in small quantities where there may be geometry changes through the development stage. This is a viable and cost-effective option considering the alternative of moulding the net-shaped part.

Advantages of Juno Composites’ Plates and Billets

Juno Composites Ltd machined carbon fibre plates and billets advantages:

  • Void-free monolithic block construction
  • High fibre volume fraction for enhanced strength
  • Excellent machining characteristics for precise customisation
  • Remarkable weight reduction of 45% compared to aluminium
  • Outstanding thermal stability for diverse applications
  • Effective electromagnetic interference shielding properties
  • Availability of billets up to 200mm thickness
  • Utilisation of bio-derived matrices for sustainable manufacturing
  • Tailored material properties to meet specific requirements

Juno Composite Billets vs Net-Shape Moulding

A Cost-Effective Solution for High-Performance Parts

Juno Carbon Fiber BilletNet-Shape Moulded Part
Zero moulding tooling cost.Potential for expensive mould tooling costs. 
Short lead time as billet can be machined from stock.Production of the mould tooling will be in excess of 2 to 4 months.
Suited to low-volume production with part counts in the dozens & also higher volume production, especially in the application of hardpoints and inserts that can be used inside other moulded parts.Prohibitively expensive for low-volume production.
Prototyping that requires no tooling.Prototyping requires a mould to be manufactured.
Facilitates design changes/part iteration.Part iteration may necessitate multiple mould tools.

Versatile Applications of Carbon Fiber Plate and Billet

Driving Innovation Across Industries

Juno Composites’ carbon fiber plate and billet find numerous applications across various industries. From spars and end caps in sandwich panel construction to lightweight spacer load spreaders and orthopaedic fixtures, our materials prove their worth. The possibilities extend to sectors such as marine, automotive manufacturing, drones, and more.

Numerous applications of Juno Composites plates and billets are demonstrated below:

Spars and end caps used in sandwich panel construction

Lightweight spacer load spreader and spacer parts

Hardpoints and inserts for foam core or honeycomb core sandwich panels

Radiolucent orthopaedic external medical fixture systems

a close up of a box

EMI shield enclosures

The Advantages of Juno Composites’ Carbon Fiber Billet in Manufacturing

Breaking Boundaries in Manufacturing

Juno Composites carbon fiber billet is advantageous in manufacturing via reductive machining for applications including medical fixation jigs, drones, marine, sports cars in mould-inserts, and automotive manufacturing jigs. Applications that require short lead times, changing design iterations, and lower production quantities. Carbon fibre plate and billet can be utilised in all of these applications and more, with the only limitation being what can be physically machined. Contact us today, and let us manufacture and supply carbon fibre sheets and moulded composite parts for every need.

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