1. Customer Details

Please include country code e.g. +44, +353

2. Your Design Goals

Tell us what your objectives & targets are.
Please indicate the how you intend to use the panel, what is your most important end goal (it's ok if they overlap)
If you know the type panel you need please state here. Don't worry if you don't know - we're here to help.
This will help us tailor the correct balance of cost Vs. performance for your application
Indicate your key performance targets for example: weight target (kg/sq.m)

3. Dimensions & Properties

L x W x T
Also, include the maximum kg/sq.m if known?

4. End Use Environmental requirements

5. Certification

Please attach relevant standard if applicable
Please state your requirements

6. Constituent Material Options

Tick as many as apply
Tick as many as apply if you are considering a sandwich panel

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