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Ultra-Lite Carbon fibre IPN

Ultra-Lite Carbon fibre IPN foam core sandwich panels are 33% lighter than our Ultra-Gloss Sandwich Panels. They offer an excellent balance between cost, performance & lightweight. For the ultimate in ‘Lightweighting’ select our Rohacell Foam or Honeycomb core sandwich panels.


IPN-Lite Carbon fibre foam core sandwich panels are design to offer the best possible mechanical performance at the lowest weight  available from a foam cored sandwich panel. Our Ultra-Lite sandwich panel consist of two carbon fibre skins that ‘sandwich’ an ultra low density closed cell IPN core (for superior performance compared with PET) and are approximately 33% lighter than the equivalent thickness of our Ultra-Gloss foam core sandwich panels. For the ultimate in sandwich panel mechanical performance and the lightest possible weight please check out our Rohacell Foam Core or  Honeycomb Core Sandwich Panels

Both sides of our the IPN-Lite Carbon Fibre Foam Core Sandwich panels have textured peel ply bonding surface, if you need a glossy finish please select from our Ultra-Gloss sandwich panel range.

Customised sandwich core panel constructions are possible e.g. core type, core density, skin materials, temperature performance and surface finish – please use the contact form to get more details.
Other key features of our carbon fibre foam core sandwich panels  include: consistent high quality, excellent adhesion/peel strength between carbon fibre skins and foam core, excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption and good thermal/acoustic insulation.
Our carbon fibre sandwich core panels are amongst the most valued composite manufacturing innovations that have been developed  within the industry, which have found multi-sectoral application such as aerospace, automotive, mass transportation, marine and industrial automation.
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Techincal Properties

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Type Carbon Fibre Skins, Carbon Fibre Hybrid Skins
Thickness mm 6, 11, 21
Dimensions mm 600x600mm, 1220x600mm, 1220x1220mm, 2440x1220mm

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