We adhere to ISO9001:2105 Quality Management System to manufacture high strength, high stiffness and lightweight carbon fiber composites. . Get in Contact Today. Call Now
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What We Do


We have extensive experience in Advanced Composite Material Design, to help you exploit the many advantages of advanced composites in your application, whether your project is for drones and UAV’s, marine applications, automotive, medical equipment, robotics and automation, or musical instruments.

We will assist you in bridging the skills gap in material design and selection, as well as optimising material performance and cost for your project.


We can assist you in the Manufacture of your product, whether you’re at the prototyping stage or have volume production requirements in our state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility. Examples of the many product forms we manufacture include: 

Carbon fibre veneers, sheets, plates, billets, and sandwich panels with different skin types, for example, carbon and glass fibre, that can be set on different types of cores, including Rohacell, PVC, recycled PET, and honeycomb cores.

We have many ‘off-the-shelf’ product forms available for you to get started building your product right away.


Juno Composites also provides CNC machining and panel profiling on our off-the-shelf products and custom-designed materials, for example, sandwich panels with integrated hard points and monolithic plates with fibre orientation optimised to the loading envelope of your project and supplied to you ready for final assembly.

Complementary services we can provide you with include composite finite element analysis, coupon testing to determine material performance, contract manufacturing, and quality measurements via CMM.

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We thrive when coming up with innovative ideas but also understand that a smart concept should be supported with measurable results. Please get in contact today by filling out our ‘Design Questionnaire’